German Life

Train Times

The German Train System Here is a list of train connection times between some of the major cities you might base yourself. It should give you an idea of the geo-temporal size you’re dealing with.. I’m listing them from northern Hamburg, down the eastern side to Berlin, Leipzig and on down to München. This is …

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Home Base

Home Base? What’s the best place to stay? Free with a friend, colleague, teacher, or someone working in a theater. You should certainly offer to pay something. If you can get away with €20-30 a night, you’re doing very well. And you’ll have some connection to the musical scene. If that isn’t possible, or you’re …

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Key Resources

German, Austrian and Swiss Agent Lists German Austrian Swiss   ZAV Contact Emails (Subject Line:”Oper/Operetta Bewerbung”) BERLIN: – Berenike Jürgens Bettina Pangsy (Frau) HAMBURG: Dr. Wolf Borchers  (Herr Dr.) LEIPZIG: Gabriele Kodama  (Frau) Köln (Cologne): Maria Leyer-Fäth  (Frau) Axel Mendrock MÜNCHEN (Munich): …

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