German Life


Summertime is Vacation time. Schools are out and theaters close. Germans, who take their vacations very seriously, take a substantial portion of their six weeks annual vacation during this time so things slow down considerably. Like so many aspects of German life there’s an official system and once you know how to find the information …


Recent Conversations: Singers May Be Busy Again Soon

Theaters have planned their 2021-22 seasons, and even amid ongoing uncertainties are looking forward to at least some performances in May. Some theaters are even holding auditions for specific roles. These are more limited; only 4 or 5 people, and at least in the theaters I talked to, there are currently no information auditions, but …

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Train Times

The German Train System Here is a list of train connection times between some of the major cities you might base yourself. It should give you an idea of the geo-temporal size you’re dealing with.. I’m listing them from northern Hamburg, down the eastern side to Berlin, Leipzig and on down to München. This is …

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Home Base

Home Base? What’s the best place to stay? Free with a friend, colleague, teacher, or someone working in a theater. You should certainly offer to pay something. If you can get away with €20-30 a night, you’re doing very well. And you’ll have some connection to the musical scene. If that isn’t possible, or you’re …

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Key Resources

German, Austrian and Swiss Agent Lists German Austrian Swiss   ZAV Contact Emails (Subject Line:”Oper/Operetta Bewerbung”) BERLIN: – Berenike Jürgens Bettina Pangsy (Frau) HAMBURG: Dr. Wolf Borchers  (Herr Dr.) LEIPZIG: Gabriele Kodama  (Frau) Köln (Cologne): Maria Leyer-Fäth  (Frau) Axel Mendrock MÜNCHEN (Munich): …

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