Agents What To Send, How To Contact

They are busy & Germans are direct & frank, so be to the point.

– Resume (Lebenslauf) NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE!
• Keep It Relevant
• Education
• Musical Studies, institutions or Programs, not individuals.
• Competitions and Prizes
• Languages, indicate what level of fluency
• Relevant studies/skills like Dance, Piano, etc.

– Repertoire List
– this should carefully reflect the Fach you think you are hirable for!
• Complete roles, where and when performed.
• Roles completely learned.
• Roles partially learned

– Photo, preferably with name and contact info.
• 4”x5” Format for hard copies.
• ZAV cannot receive emails more than 4MB.
– Keep resolution low, file size small.

– Your E-Mail
• Subject line should probably be: Bewerbung
• Include links to HIGH IMPACT video clips. They cannot show vocal defects and you have to look good.
• Performance excerpts are best since they show how a singer moves onstage, but iPad and high quality phone videos with piano are acceptable as well.
“Physical dissonance” – a tall beefy Buffo Tenor or chubby Soubrette, just won’t go.
– I hate to repeat it, but clips should show no weaknesses. It is very
competitive and they will probably dismiss you out of hand..
– Your cover email / letter should
• State what voice category you are singing as.
• That you are seeking an engagement in an Operahouse either as a salaried position (Fest Engagement) or for a production (Stuckvertrag).
• When you will be in Germany.
• And what materials you have attached.
• Remember, your video links will be in the body of the mail and will be the first thing they look at. It’s not about production values, it’s about your impact as a performer and singer.

– While ZAV should be written in German, you can decide from the agency websites whether to write in English.

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