Housing-From a Recent Auditioner

(Kelsey’s up-to-date take on Housing. She did extensive audition tours last season. It is one person’s experience and full of good ideas. You can read her entire post here.

—–Housing can be inexpensive especially compared to U.S cities like NYC and San Francisco. Of course there is Craigslist to find subleases, but I used this site: 
WG-gesucht.de  (It’s in German, which Kelsey could read, but you might as well start learning the practical things in their language!)

—–You’re allowed to make noise within reasonable hours, but there are “quiet hours” that occur. This varies a little by region so just google online for whatever city you’re in and plan your warm-up/practice time accordingly.

—–I spent a lot of time in hostels, not hotels. We’re all divas and need our privacy, but many hostels have “single room” options around 20-30 euros and I always opted for these.

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