Report From Germany

Theaters, performers and private agents are off of life support and hopeful that progress will continue. Performances are happening and being planned, although the particulars vary depending on the Bundesland or country. Austria, for instance, had full houses for the festivals at Salzburg, Bregenz and Erl and public health measures seem to be working under these conditions. Performances in Berlin have 30 or 50 percent seating capacity and German theaters don’t know the precise rules which will govern performances this season.  They definitely expect performances to occur with live audiences

ZAV is currently not scheduling auditions. They currently can’t rent venues to hold auditions, and expect to be deciding in early-mid September. They tell me it makes no sense to request anything until then. In contrast, some private agents are beginning to return to normal and may be open to contact for the Fall. All of this, of course, depends on the Delta variant or something else not upsetting the applecart!

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