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German, Austrian and Swiss Agent Lists





ZAV Contact Emails

(Subject Line:”Oper/Operetta Bewerbung”)


Berenike Jürgens

Bettina Pangsy (Frau)


Dr. Wolf Borchers  (Herr Dr.)


Gabriele Kodama  (Frau)

Köln (Cologne):

Maria Leyer-Fäth  (Frau)

Axel Mendrock

MÜNCHEN (Munich):

Christine Strasser(Frau)

Inge Wiesner(Frau)


These books are excellent and informative guides.

What the Fach!?

by Philip Shepard
—an entertaining and useful guide to auditioning and working in Germany.

Singing Opera in Germany

by Marita Knobel and Brigitte Steinert
Published by Baerenreiter
—a practical and detailed ‘users guide’ to working within the German theater system, with useful practical tools including letter templates. Slightly outdated but still the most detailed guide to life within the theater.

Das Handbuch der Oper
by Kloiber, Konold, Maschika

in German
Published by Baerenreiter
—the definitive guide to the casting and plots of 340 operas. It has a quasi legal status for singers and theaters.

Deutsches Bühnen Jahrbuch
-Das Große Adressbuch
in German
published by the Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen Anghöriger

(the Union  for German stage, film, radio and television employees and organizations.)
in German
Lists every department of every theater with telephone numbers and contact info, and every employee, including guest artists. Published every year and a hugely useful resource once you’re in the system and need to contact people and understand how theaters are structured..

by Marita Knobel, Brigitte Steinert


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