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Oper Leipzig  presents a retro-updates of an operetta classic  Das Feuerwerk (The Fireworks) set in  DDR (that’s what they called East Germany) Leipzig  before the  fall of the Berlin Wall. I have no idea how good the production is, but this is a good example of ‘Regie-theater’  taking a standard work and (hopefully) making it relevant to today’s audience.


“The composer Paul Burkhard himself recommends in the libretto that the plot of the piece be located in the city in which it is performed. And so singer and director Axel Köhler brings “Das Feuerwerk” in his production to Leipzig, where it will celebrate its premiere in the musical comedy on Saturday, 13 April 2019. Originally conceived as a Swiss dialect piece “Der schwarze Hecht” (The Black Pike), the operetta, adapted by Erik Charell, became known as “Das Feuerwerk” (The Fireworks) and soon achieved worldwide fame, also thanks to the catchy chanson “O mein Papa”. The musical director is Tobias Engeli.

When life plans meet: The 60th birthday of Albert Oberholzer is celebrated, to which the whole family is invited to the bourgeois home. Then suddenly the unpleasant brother of the head of the family, the circus director Alexander Obolski, appears with his wife Iduna. While the rest of the relatives show little enthusiasm for the surprise visit, the daughter of the house is fascinated by her exotic uncle. Anna dreams of a colourful circus life and longs for the big wide world. She decides to leave her cramped life behind and join the circus. But what about the gardener Robert, who dreams of a future together with Anna?

Axel Köhler makes his directorial debut in musical comedy with his work on “Das Feuerwerk”. In order to make the contrast between the contrasting worlds that collide in the living room of the Oberholzer family even clearer, he relocates the plot to the time before the fall of communism. Köhler himself grew up in the GDR and in his production contrasts the  narrowness of Anna’s world with the promising freedom of her “West Uncle”. What happens to the great dream of freedom?”



Press Release: The DOB opens it’s 2018-19 Season with stage machinery and lighting completely repaired after last Season’s fire-sprinkler disaster.

The stage technology, which was severely damaged during the water disaster, has been completely restored at the start of the 2018/19 season. The turntable, the lighting system and the upper machinery were the last hurdles which – after the repair work already carried out under high pressure during ongoing productions – could only be overcome during the time without performances. Now every performance shows itself again in the sequence and the light that the teams of directors have created for the productions. The first performance is on 25 August Mozart’s THE MAGIC FLUTE, followed by the repertoire classics: Verdi’s LA TRAVIATA and Rossini’s DER BARBIER VON SEVILLA, before Sasha Waltz’s reading of Hector Berlioz’ ROMEO UND JULIETTE returns to the programme from 6 September. The main parts are danced in this series of performances by stars of the Paris National Ballet.

Together with our audience we celebrate the big season opening party on September 1st from 2 pm, to which we invite children and adults to workshops, participation concerts with the orchestra musicians as well as with the choir of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Chamber concerts, a technical show, performances by the children’s choir, rehearsal visits to the Staatsballett Berlin and costume rehearsals should be highly attractive for every taste. From 8 p.m. the choir, orchestra and soloists of the house will present highlights from the opera repertoire with melodies from FLEDERMAUS, HOFFMANNS ERZÄHLUNGEN and DER BARBIER VON SEVILLA.

We are dedicating a separate exhibition to the artist, whose drawings will shape the face of the house in the new season. Draughtsman Christoph Niemann, one of the world’s best-known illustrators, has been inspired by the striking building and its interior to create a series of motifs that show his typical, playful and subtle style. In addition to these motifs, which you will encounter again on posters, tickets and T-shirts, Niemann is showing further works in an exhibition that will open in the foyer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin on August 27.

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