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This website was founded to help singers navigate an opera career in Germany, the country that is the world's largest producer of opera! Click the video below to learn more about our founder, Larry Bakst and how this website can help you get started as well as navigate a career in Germany.

Our Mission

OperGermany is a community driven website whose mission is to deliver practical, realistic and useful information to qualified individuals who are looking to seek a career in the German opera industry.

This information is brought to you primarily by our founder Larry Bakst, a retired opera singer who traveled the world and made a career in Germany performing in more than 50 theaters for over 30 years. Our information is also sourced from the top news sources, agents, administrators and working singers across Germany.

Our community website also welcomes new members to join the discussion by registering an account and contributing to the discussion threads for free! We strive for this website to be a source of real-time information for singers to build their own understanding of the German opera industry in a constantly fluctuating business.

How can
Help You?
Over many centuries, the German opera system has developed its own way of doing things through its own cultural, musical and vocal tastes. It is essential for singers who want to make a career in Germany and Europe to understand the uniqueness of how the system works, as well as how agents and theaters evaluate singers today.
This website can help you by offering information on the following:
  • Assessing your current training & proficiency to know if you are ready to #MakeTheDive into Germany
  • Extended explanation of the current Fach system and if your audition repertoire aligns with the casting system
  • How to start learning the German language as well as key German opera & theatre terminology
  • Email templates and audition scheduling information
  • Travel & budgeting tips
  • Access to an extensive German agent list and how to evaluate agents
  • Specifics on how auditions work
  • An in-depth analysis into how German opera theaters function.
  • Expert tips on visas
  • Expert tips on living in Germany

Other Topics Covered On

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  2. How To Introduce Yourself…
  3. Materials to Send Them…
  4. How to Schedule A First Meeting…
  5. Contact Lists to Help You Find Them…
  1. How To Find The Stage Door…
  2. How To Navigate Your Stage Entrance…
  3. What Do You Wear?
  4. Introducing Yourself In German…
  5. What Repertoire Do You Sing?
  1. How German Theatres Function…
  2. How Will You & Your Voice Fit In?
  3. What Is The “KBB”?
  4. What Is The “Spielzeit”?
  5. Learn Key German Theater Jargon!

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The Fach System at your fingertips

Whether you're a beginner trying to figure out what arias to sing or a seasoned professional negotiating a contract, this database gives you the quick & authoritative information you need to navigate this complex & rewarding system.

Here are some features our Fach Database...

- Over 3,500 roles from the most popular & significant operas on German stages
- Vital casting information like alternative
Fächer and Partien
- Categorization of the German casting preferences by voice types

- Repertoire & roles for a specific vocal fach
- Links to over 1,000 aria PDF’s of arias you can download for auditions
- Helpful and fast filters. Opera roles have never been more searchable and accessible
- The world's most detailed database of opera roles