There is no place in the world with more opera performances than Germany!


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In special cases there is a temporary work leave on a daily basis for important reasons..


Practical, Realistic, Informed

From the Size of Your Email Attachment to the Format of Your Photo. From the Train Station to Center Stage. Avoiding the Mistakes Which Will Stop you Before You Start. How to Find & Contact the Agents & Tips On Effective & Economical Auditioning.

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ES GEHT WIEDER LOS! SPIELZEIT Another Season, Another 7,000 Shows! Checkout October’s Opera Schedule Do you want to be part of it? That’s over 4 times as many operas as the USA in a country a 30the the size! No more “But what’s your day job?” Opera singer is a recognized profession, there are year round…


THEATER WORDS ARBEITSBEFREIUNG​ Work Leave “In special cases there is a temporary work leave on a daily basis for important reasons, such as, for example, when the wife gives birth, moving to another place for professional reasons, to obtain a new job (cf. § 39 NV Bühne). In the case of work leave, the requirements…

Neues vom Tage-a peek into operatic activity today

Neues vom TagePress Releases & Premieres Current Press Release FROM OPER LEIPZIG, AND THE DEUTSCHE OPER BERLIN I have clipped them and translated them automatically using , but i cannot vouch that the translations are 100% accurate. These and others that follow are designed to give you an idea of operatic and theatrical life…

How to get in on this and make a life in singing?

This website will help guide you in "Making The Leap To Germany".

Over literally centuries this vibrant system has developed it’s own ways of doing thing and cultural, musical and vocal tastes. These have all been evolving rapidly in recent years. It is essential for singers who want to make a career in Germany and Europe to understand how agents and theaters categorize and evaluate singers today. From 27 years living and singing in Germany and from recent conversations with working agents and opera house administrators this website can help you in the following ways:

  1. Access to extensive Agent Information.
  2. Specifics on how auditions work.
  3. Resources to help you Evaluate the Agents.
  4.  An extended explanation of the current Fach system.
  5. Key German Opera Terminology.
  6. Correct Scheduling Information
  7. An overview and in-depth analysis into Theaters. 

Making The Leap

Getting a Job in Germany TOI! TOI! TOI!

This site will give you guidance and practical tips on how to navigate, understand and deal with the German opera scene. Hopefully it will prevent the grossest errors like singing utterly inappropriate repertoire or disqualifying yourself from getting cast because of ignorance. In the end you don’t have to be perfect or superhuman, you have to inspire the people who will hire you with your authentic inspiration and humanity onstage. When you do that you will have a wonderful time and at some point it is sure to pay off.

  • The Bad News: it’s hard and expensive. There’s tons of competition from all over the world, and Germans are very particular about their language and culture.
  • The Good News: they’re there for the same reasons you are: to hear music and be enchanted. They really are! That’s why they’re in this business.
  • Your job is to understand the practical necessities, expectations and requirements, but in the end to be authentically yourself and utterly convincing when you sing for them, be they agents, casting directors, or important conductors.