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Our Mission

OperGermany is a community driven website whose mission is to deliver practical, realistic and useful information to qualified individuals who are looking to seek a career in the German opera industry. This information is brought to you primarily by our founder Larry Bakst, a retired opera singer who traveled the world and made a career in Germany performing in more than 50 theaters for over 30 years. OperGermany’s information is also sourced from the top news sources, agents, administrators and working singers across Germany. Our community website also welcomes new members to join the discussion by registering an account and contributing to the discussion threads for free! We strive for this website to be a source of real-time information for singers to build their own understanding of the German opera industry in a constantly fluctuating business.

We go to great lengths to bring the most pertinent and up-to-date information on opera in Germany to our members as well as provide important tools like the Fach database. These efforts take time and resources and our members value the services we provide.

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