Audition Season

• Auditions generally run from October to May but knowing the holiday schedules will make your audition tour much more cost effective.
– Christmas and Easter
• Mid December to mid January are dead times for auditions.
• Easter vacation 2018 is the last week in March and first week in April.
– Don’t expect any auditions then, and in the past things slowed down a couple of weeks before, but pick up immediately after.
• The other major holiday, late in the audition season, is PFINGSTEN, or Pentacost/Whitsunday, which is now akin to Memorial Day
– It’s mostly at the end of May, but is a holiday in Berlin this year at the end of April.
– Most, but not all Bundesländer (like States) celebrate this holiday, but it will only cost one Monday of auditions.
• You should know that Köln(Cologne) will pretty much shut down from Feb.8-14, 2018 because of Karneval. It’s wonderful costumed drunken fun-a week of Halloween with lots of beer and parades, but nothing gets done!

  • München (Munich): ZAV there holds NO AUDITIONS during Oktoberfest, primarily because hotel rooms are so expensive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is true for other agencies. This year Oktoberfest runs from Sept. 22-Oct. 7! 

‣ Your best bet for keeping track of all holidays and vacation times in the 16
Bundesländer is For the 2018 major holidays, go to 

 • Two other major considerations for auditions:
• Theaters do not officially know which Fest (salaried positions) singers they will have to replace until NOV. 1, so will not usually hold auditions for these Vakanzen (literally vacancies-die Vakanz/ die Vakanzen).
-Agents will be active in October & may send you to some theaters to see how you do, but it’s after 1 Nov. that the theaters get  serious.
• Theaters do not often know their upcoming season until the Spring, so many put off decision making until then.
– It can be a good time for getting cast.
– If you have gotten good feedback but no offer in the Fall be sure to stay in contact with the agent &/or theater. They are ready to hire.
• While I was engaged for a production in a smaller theater, I auditioned for a Fest position in a larger one. They liked me but said I was too  short for their Mezzo in Carmen, but that I should come back next year. Of course I thought it was nothing but a rejection. Two weeks before the last show of my run, by sheer chance the bigger theater found out I was still in Germany and called me for another audition, since they apparently hadn’t found anybody both good and tall enough (I got the job).
– Stay in touch, and if you’re not staying think of returning for a second round.
– Auditioning later has upsides, but you will be inexperienced and have missed some opportunities. Nowadays, though, this is when theaters do a lot of hiring.

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