Finding An Agent

High Roads & Low Roads

I won the Grand Prizes at Barcelona, Toulouse and Vercelli and was a Met Natioal Winner, yet when I went to Germany I had to sing for the agents like anyone else. Most of you will have to do that as well, so this advice is primarily for you. There are other avenues into the German system including Opera Studios, and associate artist programs, some of which have auditon in the US, but agents are not generally involved, so these will be discussed later….

What You Need To Know

The audition ‘season’ now covers most of the year.
October-November, stretching to mid December.
Mid January through May, except for the time before and shortly after
Be aware that German life and business slows down considerably
around major and even minor holidays. Furthermore these holidays can
be different depending which Bundesland, or State, you’re in. If it’s an
offical holiday, schools are out, and you can find a listing of all
“Schulferien” (school vacations) and thus all holiday times at: or simply:
When planning your audition tour keep these holidays in mind!

Like theaters here, German theater life is organized around a “season”, which goes from Fall to Summer of the next year. Theaters almost always close during the SOMMERFERIEN, which is exactly when schools are out in that Bundesland. You can find this inf the above SCHULFERIEN links.

For those who have agent and/or theater auditions arranged by US connections by all means use them. Direct introductions are always good and often lead to higher level entry positions. Keep in mind that unless hired for a role in a particular production (STÜCKVERTRAG) a higher level theaters will probably provide you with less performance & rehearsal experience in major roles. Often the best alternative is a FESTVERTRAG in a quality mid level theater where you will get much more experience and exposure. It depends on your needs and how you want to develop.

Agents today tell me your first and best step is to look at the websites of all the agents you can find. Does it look professional? Who are their singers and where are they working? You can even find out what roles they are singing and where by going to and putting in the artist’s name.