More notes from Germany

A conductor colleague who just came to the US from Germany thinks that attitudes there may have turned a corner recently, and that operatic life there is carefully reviving. Performances are happening-with limited auditence capacity and varying requirements: an official Covid Pass-usually a QR code and perhaps masks or testing. Theaters like Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt and even Vienna (Wien) which recently shut down are resumed with star studded casts. Rehearsals for upcoming productions are taking place-sometimes with masks and/d face shields and undoubtedly frequent testing. It varies from theater to theater and state to state, but it’s happening.

Theaters are doubtless planning their upcoming season but won’t be actively looking until the Spring, so it’s still too early for singers to make plans, but people should keep the time after Easter (April 17) in the back of their minds. Some private agents are holding auditions while others are holding off. I hope to have more concrete information about the government run ZAV soon.

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