The Dark Side

3:54 PM
Friday, December 21, 2018 (GMT+1)
Sunset in Berlin, Germany
Maybe that’s why there’s so much opera in Germany; there has to be somethng to liven those long nights! The short days contribute to the lonliness and isolation, not to mention the many rejections of the audition tour (even Bryn Terfel got 38 rejections out of 40 auditions after winning a prize at the Cardiff Singer of the World Compeition!) Here are some good ideas from someone who did two tours. (Read the whole post here).
—-At times, I got very lonely. I highly recommend planning your audition tour with a friend. Not only will you save money on housing/hotels/food, you’ll have someone to help you with the ups-and-downs of auditions. If you don’t have anyone to go over with, I suggest finding a sublease with roommates. You’ll save money, make a new friend(s), and have someone to practice your German with. Even if you are an independent personality, remember: audition season coincides with fall-spring which means it gets dark at 4:00pm. It’s cold, you will miss holidays and you’re somewhere 6-9 hours ahead so your family and friends who are getting off of work or out of school when you’re going to bed.

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