What to Wear?

In General

  • Opera in Germany is a profession, and a part of normal life, so dressing for auditions is not about social or sartorial airs.
  • What you wear depends a great deal on what suits you and can range from casual to reasonably elegant. In some cases it depends on what Fach you are presenting yourself as.
  • Mostly your clothes, like you, should look well cared for and attractive.


  • Don’t wear very short dresses. Remember, you’re up on stage and they’re down in the audience. It’s distracting and embarrassing.
  • Also don’t show too much cleavage. You make your points by your performance.
  • No gowns and the like, but whatever makes you look your best and will let you move onstage.
    • If you are a Soubrette, a “perky” dress can be appropriate.

If you are singing for Operetta Diva parts, something a little more elegant is also appropriate.


  • Wide range, even from jeans and a sports jacket, to dressy slacks and a nice shirt.
  • If you really feel best in a suit and tie that will do as well although it is generally viewed as a bit stiff.
  • Some agents have told me that if a singer is really buff and wants to accent that, a cutoff shirt can even be alright. Just be aware of what you’re singing for and who.
  • Slacks and a nice sweater are a standard outfit as well.

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