ZAV: Maybe November

ZAV is now hoping to start auditions in November, but they will be strictly limited to singers who live in or near the various branches. Thus if you really live in Bonn, you should try the Köln bureau. The same goes for Berlin, München, etc. However be aware that they are being very careful that only people who currently live in/around a ZAV city will be allowed to sing. So
someone who is studying in London or Italy shouldn’t return for an audition. They say they will be checking carefully because if the auditions anywhere become a spreader event-especially if it involved someone coming from outside the country-they all might be shut down. They too want to return to normalcy but it must be done carefully, so for now US residents will have to wait at least until after the New Year. Natch I’ll find out in November how the auditions are going and what their future plans are.

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