ZAV:get Sept-Oct. audition slots NOW. 2MB email limit!

If you want to sing for ZAV this Fall, NOW is the time to email them for a slot. Summer vacation is coming up and they requests should be made 3-4 months in advance, so get it done by early June. Everybody goes to Berlin (it is a cool city) and wants to sing there, so their audition slots are very difficult to get. You’ll do better in any of the other offices, most of which serve as many or more theaters than Berlin. Köln (Cologne) is very close to a TON of theaters, München (Munich) has contacts with many theaters in the wealthy south, Leipzig, in the former East Germany (DDR) is a less expensive city than most,, and Hamburg in the north, has it’s share of theaters there and in north-central Germany. They share all their evaluations online, so singing for a couple should be sufficient. They are a government employment agency for the arts and by far the biggest agency in Germany.

Find them under the AGENTS listing, and REMEMBER!!! MAXIMUM E-MAIL SIZE IS NOW 2MB. Bigger than that will not go through.  Supply direct LINKS to YouTube or a website video clips. Bio/Resume and/or Repertoire List no more than a page each. You can find examples on this site. Video clips can be made with a good cell phone in a large room but onstage clips are better so they can see how you move and look.

YOU MUST BE ABLE TO HOLD A BASIC CONVERSATION IN GERMAN unless you are an outstanding tenor or a deep Bass (look up ‘Schwrter Bass’ in the post Fach, Fächer and You