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Severance pay in the event of a change of artistic director and dismantling or closing of the theatre. Dependent on the duration of the working relationship, in case of dismissal in the event of a change of an executive director or in the event of divisional reduction and theatrical closure, graduated amounts are paid in the amount of monthly fees:.The member who is no longer in employment on the occasion of a change of employer as a result of a notice of non-extension issued by the employer in the first season following the change of employer shall receive a severance payment. The prerequisite for this entitlement is that the member could not establish another full employment relationship within three months after termination of the employment relationship. The severance payment for uninterrupted employment with the same employer amounts to

4 years (playing time) 3 fixed monthly salaries,

6 years (playing time) 4 fixed monthly salaries,

9 years (playing time) 5 fixed monthly salaries,

12 years (playing time) 6 fixed monthly salaries.

\ The member must prove the existence of the prerequisites in an appropriate form. If it has provided this proof, the severance payment is to be paid in one sum.

In the case of a seniority of less than four years, in the event of dismissal due to a change of employer, an allowance is paid for the relocation costs. The grant shall cover half of the proven costs of transport

of the goods to be moved, but no more than a fixed monthly salary.

\ If the member has provided proof of costs, the additional amount is to be paid in one sum.

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