Month: January 2018

Key Resources

German, Austrian and Swiss Agent Lists German Austrian Swiss   ZAV Contact Emails (Subject Line:”Oper/Operetta Bewerbung”) BERLIN: – Berenike Jürgens Bettina Pangsy (Frau) HAMBURG: Dr. Wolf Borchers  (Herr Dr.) LEIPZIG: Gabriele Kodama  (Frau) Köln (Cologne): Maria Leyer-Fäth  (Frau) Axel Mendrock MÜNCHEN (Munich): …

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What to Wear?

In General Opera in Germany is a profession, and a part of normal life, so dressing for auditions is not about social or sartorial airs. What you wear depends a great deal on what suits you and can range from casual to reasonably elegant. In some cases it depends on what Fach you are presenting …

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Fach, Fächer and You

What is it? It’s a system for organizing, assigning and understanding operatic and operetta roles, voices and the requirements for successful, sustainable performances of the operatic repertoire in theaters over time. It reflects practical necessities as well as aesthetic and cultural choices. It is incorporated into singers’ contracts and can be binding on both parties …

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Theater Overview

Theaters A JOB IS A JOB, BUT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Recently a long time opera house administrator who is now teaching in Berlin complained that young American singers would audition one day for the theater in Hof, the next for Hamburg and have no idea of the difference. It’s great to be egalitarian and enthusiastic, …

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Talking To Them

Overview – Germans are direct and frank and appreciate it if you are that way with them. Many Americans find this abrasive, but nicey nice and cheerfully positive seems superficial and fake to them. -Try to speak as much German as you can. When it gets to be a problem they’ll speak English which most …

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