Criteria To Consider When Seeking An Agent

Know Thyself. Know Thy Agent. Know German Theaters! 

When it comes to finding an agent and doing your research about them, you’ll learn not just about the agents, but about the German theater system. 

It comes down to this: when surveying and “googling” agents’ website we suggest you follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the agent’s website
  2. Click on the roster
  3. Click on the singers
  4. Click on you voice type
  5. Read their biography’s to see where they are working currently and HOW OFTEN they are working
  6. Pro tip: The best agents have an Aktuelles page that shows where their artists are CURRENTLY working. If an agent has an outdated website or outdated biographies of their performers with no upcoming or current performances listed, chances are they are not a good agency.

Simple? Yes. Time consuming? Also yes.

Basically you’re looking to see who has WORKING singers, and WHERE they’re working. You can find a list of agents on this site with the links to get the information you need. 

You’ll also want to know what level of theaters the agent is sending their singers to. There’s a list for that too. Based on orchestra pay, audience size and a number of other factors, this list is by no means a perfect indicator of quality but you can get a a pretty good idea of a theater’s level from it.

Pick agents who send their singers to the kinds of places which match the level and quality of what you have to offer. The more you know and understand the more success you’ll have.

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