Neue Spielzeit

I just got an email from the Bayerische Staatsoper – that’s Munich / München – announcing their upcoming season. They’re by no means alone and theaters big and small will be making their plans public. It’s called the Spielplan and it’s worth keeping an eye on who’s planning what. While the big theaters have mostly cast their productions, many others are still casting roles big and small. Remember too, theaters run productions all year lon so although a show may be fully cast for the Fall run there may be openings in the Spring. Keep an eye out and let them or your agent know if you’ve performed a role! It doesn’t hurt to remind folks of your existence.

I’m also told that these days some theaters won’t have their season – Spielzeit – planned until things start up again next August orSeptember! It’s unthinkable to me but true, so keep an eye out for shows you’ve performed. The good thing about late casting is that whatever their pretensions and notions they’ll immediately take someone who can perform the role. The story is that Caruso can audition in November and they’ll say “We’ll get back to you”, but in May someone who doesn’t fall off the stage will get the role. You may be in between, but know what’s up and be ready!

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