Recent Conversations: Singers May Be Busy Again Soon

Theaters have planned their 2021-22 seasons, and even amid ongoing uncertainties are looking forward to at least some performances in May. Some theaters are even holding auditions for specific roles. These are more limited; only 4 or 5 people, and at least in the theaters I talked to, there are currently no information auditions, but it looks like the German theater system is gradually getting back into operation, and hopes to approach normalcy this coming season.

There is uncertainty about audience size, and there are plans to require audience members to use a Covid tracking app to protect against super spreader events, but as far as singers are concerned, performing life may be returning.

What does this mean for American singers? Except for those with personal connections to agents and theaters who can deal with current travel and quarantine restrictions, it’s probably best to plan for auditions in early 2022. Theaters can’t announce ensemble vacancies until the beginning of November, and given possible continuing constraints on auditions, I think many vacancies will still be open at the beginning of next year. There’s also a backlog of recent graduates from German music academies who will probably get first call at most audition slots in the Fall. So, the current plan should be to wait until September/October to begin contacting agents about auditions from mid January through March. This is a good time to understand the German system and get a strong and appropriate audition package together. Our first audition tour is often a learning experience but it makes no sense not to understand German operatic tastes in advance and tailor your audition material to it. Check out my post on how to use the Fach Database to understand where you fit in and can find a place in this reawakening operatic system.

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