What is the Fach Database?

The Fach system covers all of the roles in almost all of the operas regularly performed in Germany. This vast and complex system can be confusing. Luckily the Fach database lets you search and sort through roles with a variety of useful filters and search tools so you can find exactly what you need to know. Not only can you find the roles that suit your voice, you can even get a copy of the arias you need to sing. You can search by voice type, composer, opera, language, and even the title of an aria. You can also sort the results by what is most important to you, be it the opera title, the character name, the voice type, or the language. If you need to know all the roles in an opera, including the spoken and silent ones, just check all the “Partie” boxes and put in the opera title. Voilá! a list of all the roles, how important they are (partien), and their voice types. You can even search for voice groups like the 3 Ladies in the Magic Flute or the 6 Basses in Don Carlos!

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