A Shot In the Arm For Auditions In Germany

Germany Appears To Be Getting It Together At Last! Vaccinations are finally beginning to proceed for larger portions of the population. In Berlin for example, my son and daughter in law, who are in their 30’s, are scheduled for their first shots next week, so by the Fall things will be on their way to returning to some semblance of normal. Theaters and concerts will probably
have some limitations on audience size and possibly some distancing issues for performers and orchestras, but it looks like live events will start up. Theaters have already planned their seasons and casting, and while auditions are also planned there is a backlog of local and regional singers who will probably get first call. One bit of possible good news for singers, albeit bad news for beer drinkers, is that Munich’s Oktoberfest has been again cancelled. This
probably means that ZAV and the many Munich private agents will be able to hold auditions during this time. Normally hotel rooms are prohibitively expensive and the city is a madhouse, so auditions are usually suspended during this time.

Stay tuned for news and suggestions from the agents themselves.

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